DIY#021 – SHRED – Still Hitting The Ground 12″


Remember when skateboarding and punk went hand to hand?
Well, that is still the case! Grab this 13 song LP, a perfect soundtrack for your skate sesh! It’s Thrash, It’s punk, it’s fast and stoked and the artwork kills too!
This record is a colaboration of 10 DIY labels from all over the place!
No excuse to not get yours!

Released by:
Big Sprites Records
Destroy It Yourself
Good Friendly Violent Fun
Impeto Records
Nuclear Chaos Records
Nut’s Tape
Pasidaryk Rark Records
Tercer Mundo Distro
Togue Sol Distribucion

Listen HERE!

Email me, the band, or any of the labels! Trades are welcome!
Up the Skate Punx!


A brief introduction


So, I’m Boris and I run this little diy punk thing, which started (and continues to be) just for fun. I try to run a little distro with not so know records, for what I think are reasonable prices, release cool records of bands that I like and co-operate with cool people that I’m lucky enough to get to know over the years. Also I try to help cool bands that I’m into and anyone else that needs help with a show here in little Portugal.

Let’s work together, play together, trade, and have some fun!                                            Please, by all means, contact me at

Stay Punk                                                                                                                                  Boris