DIY#021 – CRUELIST – Cold Lesson Tape


The kids from Porto are back!
Non-stop when it comes to playing, touring and writing new stuff, they are back with another EP. Six more hard hitting tracks played as tight as it gets!
Though young, these 3 have been playing together for years and they show no signs of stopping!

Listen to the full record HERE!

The release is a colaboration between the band and these labels:

-Anoise Records
-Corrosion Records
-Destroy It Yourself
-Ópio do Polvo
-Untamed Records
-Wound Records

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DIY#017 – CRUELIST – Echoes Tape!


Cruelist are back!
Not long after the Rotting Tree Tape, these kids have 8 new killer tracks for your listening pleasure!
In the same vein as the previous record, but with an awesome recording and some fresh new riffs. Expect 8 dark and heavy songs, with their own melodic touch to top it all off!
100 Pro-cassettes with black and white artwork to follow the angry mood of the record.

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